Eskişehir Dans Festivali Full Pass

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KDV Dahil : $0.00

(Kargo ücreti sipariş tutarına yansıtılmamaktadır ürünü teslim aldığınızda ödenmektedir.

Mng Kargo ücreti: 120.00TL
Yurtiçi Kargo ücreti :149.00 TL
Aras Kargo ücreti : 90.00 TL )


EDF is so colorful this year, extraordinary parties, extraordinary events and bootcamps special for the 10th year will continue for 4 days!

▫️Turkey’s best dance groups, world famous performance artists, performances by DJs who are experts in different branches of music

▫️Concerts with live bands, Very special guests, 6 different party stages, VIP back stages

▫️Hip Hop - Breaking -Mambo Battles with Pro Underground Arena

▫️Incredible drink prices thanks to international sponsors

▫️24/7 live broadcast on Power FM and much more at EDF, Turkey's enthusiastic and crazy Festival. 
▫️Details will be shared on our page soon after the Cappadocia Festival.


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